Quality Assurance Policy


Paul Saripo Photography Quality Management system closely follows the guidelines of The Small Business Standard which is closely aligned to ISO 9001.2000


Paul Saripo Photography is a professional photographer based in Kingston upon Hull, with a variety of clients in the private and public sector; design and advertising agencies, publishers and news media.

I am experienced in a range of fields; people, location, News, business, PR, cities, architecture. examples can be seen on my website.


Quality is important to my business because I value my customers and clients. I strive to provide my clients with photography and a service which meet and even exceed their expectations. I am committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for checking and improving my performance.


I have invested in and maintain professional robust cameras, lenses, studio equipment and computer software, and kept up to date with training to support my policy of continuous improvement and client satisfaction.


Before, during and after carrying out a contract I constantly liaise with the client to ensure they are more than happy with the level of service and work carried out.


I have the following processes and procedures in place to ensure consistent delivery

a: Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback

b: Keeping up to date with the latest equipment, digital software, and current photographic process,

c: Technical training and development where required for myself,

d: Risk assessments for each project

e: Dedicated project management for delivery.

I have the following processes and procedures in place to meet my policy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

a: Regular client reviews

b: Monitoring of customer complaints.

I provide clients with access to my quality policy via my website.

I, as Paul Saripo Photography, am ultimately responsible for Quality, and will do my utmost to maintain very high standards.


I will review this policy yearly.




Paul Saripo


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