Paul Saripo Photography is an environmentally conscious photographer based in Hull and working across the UK including Central London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, York and worldwide. I am committed to continual improvement and promoting best practice and recognise that the adoption of environmentally preferable business practices is an essential component for ensuring sustainable business growth. Working within my company and with clients I am committed to minimise the impact my business operations have on the environment.


My key objectives are to:


O Minimise waste and prevent pollution.

O Ensure that my clients are aware of my Environmental Policy and encourage them to adopt the same principles.

O Individually and in partnership with others, promote environmental information.

O Use sustainable resources wherever possible.

O Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and applicable codes of practice.

O Ensure that I continually review my environmental performance and improve it on an ongoing basis.




O Achieve a measurable reduction in office waste, recycle where possible;

O Purchase environmentally friendly and recycled products and local or fairtrade produce;

O Travel to location in as environmentally friendly a way as possible, using public transport, cycling or walking where possible.

O Act in the way with the least environmental impact when on location;

O Inform clients of my environmental policy and objectives;

O Review my policy and objectives regularly.

O Use accounting figures in the areas of energy, transport, stationery, printing, in order to set reduction targets to lessen the impact of their use.

O Provide photos digitally, on cds or USB rather than prints, unless specifically required for display.


Paul Saripo

For Paul Saripo Photography

Signed policy available on request

2nd January 2019